New Sauder Kneelers Offer Maximum Comfort, Minimum Noise

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Kneeling continues to be a critical part of many worship services as a tradition that withstands the test of time. As a necessary component of most Liturgical seating installations, pew kneelers must be comfortable for extended periods of kneeling so discomfort does not detract from the worship experience.

Another critical characteristic of kneelers is quiet operation, especially in large, open sanctuaries with hard surfaces (floors, pews and plaster walls). The combined noise of many kneelers dropping during a service, or one or two during individual prayer time, can be loud and distracting.

Through extensive research, engineering and user testing, Sauder has developed a kneeler that provides optimized comfort, excellent durability and reduced noise, providing the best possible kneeling experience for streaming film Trumbo

Visit our Pews Product Page to learn about the innovative features of the new and improved Sauder kneelers and how they combine to enhance the kneeling experience.

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