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This series of blog posts will focus on the main pages throughout the new website, their purpose as well as navigation.

Why Sauder Worship was developed to help convey our dedication to collaborative teamwork and project management. This page features four areas highlighting why Sauder WS is different from other furniture companies: Architect/Designer, Project Planning, In-House Guidance, Case Studies and Testimonials.

The Architect/Designer page shares our ability to work alongside architects and designers through our Sales Representatives. We can arrange factory tours and support architects and designers through furniture specifications as bids are in development.

The Project Planning page continues the dialogue of how our Sales Representatives work alongside your team to assist with your budget. By creating a custom quote based exclusively on the seating portion of the project – what should you expect to spend on high quality, comfortable seating? Once a budget has been established and fundraising is in full swing, our Sales Representatives can have a sample of the seating produced which helps during presentations and the fundraising phase of the project. The Sales Representatives bring a wealth of knowledge to any presentation. Their years of experience provides an opportunity to understand how seating completes the overall aesthetic of your church, synagogue or courtroom. Seating designs are driven by individual needs and aesthetics. Our flexibility to custom designs enhances the furniture. Finally, product specifications used within the bidding phase ensures quality construction methods are maintained from design/build through project installation.

The In-House Guidance page allows us to provide you a glimpse of who is on the other end of phone shepherding your project. Our Sales Assistants, Project Coordinators, CAD and Installation crews work in dedicated teams to each Sales Representative and you! They are there for you every step of the way and help Sales Representatives usher projects from speculation to installation.

The Case Studies page highlights a variety of projects where seating, design and floor layout came together to create a successful and beautiful installation for our customers.

The Customer Testimonial page includes video testimonials, video installation reels, direct quotes from our customers along with gorgeous installation images.

Our customers are integral to Why Sauder Worship is different from other furniture companies. Contact your Sales Representative to begin your journey with Sauder Worship Seating.

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