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Will you be using auditorium seats for ticketed events? Does your church use kneelers? Do you need communion cup holders on the pews backs? Did you think about pencil and paper holders for offertory envelopes? Will you be needing book racks underneath seats? If yes was answered to any of these questions, ask your Sauder rep about the many accessory options available.

Will you need row and seat identifications? We are able to put a seat identification number on each seat and row identifier on aisle panels. Also available are aisle lights, which attach to the aisle panels. 

Auditorium seating offers back options, multiple aisle panel sizes, ADA options and various arms customized to fit your needs. Also popular, cup holders are available too. 

Sauder Worship Seating offers wood, wood and wire or poly when it comes to book, pencil or communion cup holders in various sizes to accommodate your specific needs. 

Kneelers can be added to both pews and chairs. Sauder kneelers include a molded foam page which provides a softer, wider and more comfortable kneeling experience than conventional foam typically used by many suppliers. Molded foam also tends to have a longer comfort life span than conventional foam.

Symbols can be added to any pew ends or platform furniture. Techniques include cut, laser routed or applied.  Which makes it easier to make your space feel a little more personal.

These are just a few of the many accessory options available. Be sure to let your rep know how we can bring your vision to reality. Don’t worry…as you are making your final decisions ordering, your rep can assist you with all the accessories details needed or best suited for the look you desire.


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