Radiance: Coming May 2013

This spring, Sauder Worship is gearing up to launch our newest seating option to the Worship market. Beginning in April, we will be providing you with tidbits of information across a variety of different media as we lead up to our official product announcement in early May 2013.

Be sure to watch your inbox and mailbox in April for more information from us. You can also visit us on Facebook and LinkedIn for launch updates, and “Like” or “Follow” our company pages to be one of the first to get information on this exciting new product!

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Colorful Clarity: The Hills Church

Take a look at this beautiful worship space at The Hills Church of Christ in North Richland Hills, TX. The church recently renovated the space, replacing their pews with a colorful mix of 2,300 Clarity auditorium seats by Sauder and matching metal chairs. The custom-designed metal chairs were coordinated for the project by the Sauder Worship representative, and manufactured by Chairtex.

Following the completion of the installation, we received a wonderful testimonial letter from the church:

“Using Sauder as our seating supplier was a great experience from beginning to end. We have a beautifully renovated worship center. The seats supplied by Sauder are the centerpiece of the space. We continue to receive very positive comments on the seating, and the word that is commonly used is ‘spectacular’. The quality and craftsmanship of the product are very evident.  Also, I appreciate the way you followed through after the installation was complete to make sure we are happy with the finished product.”

Larry Carrell, Business Manager
The Hills Church, North Richland Hills, TX

For more photos and customer stories, browse the archives of this blog or visit our Facebook page or LinkedIn profile.

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Architect Pleased With Product and Service

At Sauder, we love hearing from our customers, so we encourage them to provide us with feedback on projects. Here is a nice testimonial we received from an architect in Kettering, Ohio. Sauder installed PlyLok chairs for one of their funeral home projects in Dayton, Ohio.

Sauder PlyLok ChairsAt Brightman & Mitchell Architects, we are dedicated to creating architecture that improves performance and aesthetics while reflecting a client’s culture.  When seating is involved, a key component of every outcome is the quality and design of the furniture.

When David’s Cemetery called upon us to design and addition to their facility, we recommended chairs by Sauder Worship Seating.  The classic design of their PlyLok chair, which is used in both a chapel and a gathering area, together with the ability to use a non-standard fabric and a custom-matched wood finish, provided the owner with versatile and comfortable seating that will perform well for many years.

Ken Brightman, Project Architect
Brightman & Mitchell Architects
Kettering, Ohio

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Pew Re-upholstery Takes A Giant Step Forward

Sauder Worship Seating continues to be the leader and innovator in worship space seating solutions, but did you know that we also have solutions for replacing that worn out fabric on your pews?

Historically, putting new fabric on pews has been done with a hand-stretching method that can sometimes leave a undesirable hand-stretched look. This may all be changing with our new in-field mechanical stretching systems. The end product gives a great, smooth factory stretch and customers are raving about it. Sauder is once again not just meeting expectations, but exceeding them.

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Cafe Furnishings

Sauder PlyLok Cafe SeatingDoes your renovation or new construction plan include a café or coffee shop? As you consider Sauder products for your worship areas, don’t forget the value and style our products can provide for the fellowship areas of your church.

Our PlyLok chair, with various seat and back options, is the perfect chair for this setting. The PlyLok is available in seat heights of 18”, 24” and 29” depending on the height of your tables. Or select from the Grille series of chairs available with an open wood back design and your choice of a wood or an upholstered seat.

Tables are available in various heights along with selection of laminate or wood tops and a metal or pedestal wood base.  Table top shapes are round, square or rectangle with edge options that include wood, laminate or a soft edge.

Visit www.sauderworship.com today for additional information or to locate a sales representative in your area.

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2012 Worship Facilities Expo in Atlanta

Excitement is building as we approach WFX 2012, the premier education and product showcase event for churches from across the nation, next week in Atlanta, GA.

If you are attending the show, we’d like to invite you to visit us at booth  #649 to learn about our comprehensive line of worship seating products. This year’s booth will be featuring Clarity® Auditorium Seating. Designed specifically for the worship environment, Clarity features our patented gravity-lift mechanism, combining remarkably quiet operation with elegant simplicity and unparalleled comfort. Clarity also provides the lowest cost of lifetime ownership, with easily renewable upholstery and no moving seat-lift mechanism parts to wear out.

We hope to see you at the show – have a blessed week!

WFX is held annually each fall with this year’s event occurring September 19-21, 2012 in Atlanta, Georgia. WFX is a Christ-centered event open to and welcoming to all denominations, genders, races and faiths. The educational program is appropriate to churches of all sizes, worship and sermon styles.

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10 Questions to Ask About Auditorium Seating

Although higher in cost than pews or chairs, auditorium or theater-style seating forchurches has enjoyed a surge of popularity in recent years. With so many choices available, there are some important questions for every church committee to ask potential suppliers before making a decision.

1.  Company:  How much experience does the manufacturer have with churches?  Most auditorium seating was originally designed for theaters and stadiums.  Churches have unique needs that are not always understood by firms with little worship seating experience.  There are distinct advantages to working with a company that has a reputation for professional church project management.

2. Domestic Production:  Is the product produced in the US or does the company rely on foreign parts and assembly?  The latter may be subject to political issues or shipping delays.  Look for companies that source at least 75% of component parts domestically and perform 100% of assembly in a US location.

3.  Comfort:  What materials are used in the seat and back cushions?  Are they shaped to follow the body contour?  Is the seat substrate also contoured?  Cold molded foam designed specifically for the seats and backs allows ergonomic contouring and will hold its shape better than other foams over time.  A contoured seat substrate will be more comfortable than a flat seat base.

4.  Quiet Operation:  Does the system rely on a mechanical (springs) lift or is it designed to let gravity retract the seat?  Gravity-lift systems are quiet and will stay quiet, while mechanical methods tend to be noisier – especially after years of use.

5.  Renewability:  Are the cushions designed for easy removal and is there provision for replacing the seat and back covers without the cost of a professional upholsterer?  Can the various seating component parts be easily replaced if needed?  The cost of ownership is much less if the answer to these questions is “yes”.

6.  Flexibility:  Can the seating be aligned with aisles without the use of several different seat sizes, which affects overall appearance?  Are wider seats available for specified areas if you want to provide for larger people?  Are removable units offered?  Can arms, drink holders, or other accessories be added later if needed?  Many churches see their needs change over time and need seating that can grow with them.

7.  Profile:  When seats are in the up position, is the profile 19” deep or less?  A slim profile provides for more standing and walking space, and comfort does not have to be sacrificed if the seats and backs are contoured with good quality foam.

8.  Maintenance:  How much maintenance will be needed or required?  For seating systems with springs, some manufacturers require regular lubrication to maintain the warranty.  This can be time-consuming if the mechanism is not easy to reach, adding cost to ownership.

9.  On-time Delivery and Installation:  Does the company have a reputation for timely performance or have there been issues from time to time?  Ask an architect who works on church projects in your area for input.  Insist on reference installation locations.

10. Samples:  Is the company willing to send a professional representative with samples or will they simply ship them to you for inspection?  Most churches have little or no experience with this type of seating, making it difficult to understand what they are seeing – and the samples cannot speak!  Take the time to schedule a meeting with an experienced professional who can provide the information you need, and to answer questions that inevitably arise.

With a myriad of choices in the auditorium seating market, asking the right questions can eliminate confusion, help to narrow your search, and save time.  Auditorium seating is a major investment and worth the effort to make an informed decision.


Customer-Focused Innovation

At Sauder, we understand the importance of the customer voice, an asset that has been key to becoming leader in Worship Furniture. By listening to our existing customers and involving them in Voice-of-Customer surveys and product research, we are able to accurately identify the needs of the market and respond using innovative methods to develop successful, desired products.

Sauder has a proven track record of innovative ‘firsts’ – some which may surprise you. Did you know….

  • In response to market demand, Sauder Manufacturing was the first company to make chairs specifically designed for worship spaces.
  • When customers began asking for a different type of chair that would not be limited to straight-line styling, Sauder purchased equipment from a plybent chair factory in England – this led to a whole new category of chair styles with contoured styling and much greater comfort as a result. Another Sauder first.
  • Sauder was also first to introduce pews with divided seats and secure a patent for one of the styles. Definity® seating continues to offer churches a way to effectively maximize capacity by defining where people will sit on a continuous-length pew.
  • Coil springs are a mark of quality in all upholstered furniture, and only Sauder offers them in pews.
  • Sauder was also the first church furniture manufacturer to design auditorium seating to meet the specific needs of the worship market, to which they bring over 70 years of experience.

To learn more about the Sauder Worship Seating family of products, visit www.sauderworship.com or contact your local sales representative.

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New Sauder Kneelers Offer Maximum Comfort, Minimum Noise

Kneeling continues to be a critical part of many worship services as a tradition that withstands the test of time. As a necessary component of most Liturgical seating installations, pew kneelers must be comfortable for extended periods of kneeling so discomfort does not detract from the worship experience.

Another critical characteristic of kneelers is quiet operation, especially in large, open sanctuaries with hard surfaces (floors, pews and plaster walls). The combined noise of many kneelers dropping during a service, or one or two during individual prayer time, can be loud and distracting.

Through extensive research, engineering and user testing, Sauder has developed a kneeler that provides optimized comfort, excellent durability and reduced noise, providing the best possible kneeling experience for congregations.

Visit our Pews Product Page to learn about the innovative features of the new and improved Sauder kneelers and how they combine to enhance the kneeling experience.

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Making a Wise Fabric Selection

In today’s ever-changing world of fabrics, it can be intimidating and challenging to make a wise selection for your worship space.

Most clients want to select a fabric that fits their color scheme but also want a fabric that they can depend on for its durability and reliability for their specific seating product. Certain types of worship furniture can add to the complexity of a fabric selection, especially when pews are selected.

Pews, by their nature, are one continuous piece of furniture, and as they become longer in length present a challenge for some fabrics. It is important that your furniture supplier has fabric expertise. There are many fabrics in the market place but not all fabrics perform well on all types of seating. Some may perform well on chairs and auditorium seats but not so well on pews. In other cases the opposite may occur, with the fabric performing well on pews but not on auditorium seats.

  • Always ask your furniture supplier if they test all of their fabrics for a variety of performance criteria, including curve-line issues, seam slippage and wrinkling.
  • Request current fabric cards from your worship furniture supplier before making your initial fabric choices. If the cards have not been updated or confirmed, you could be disappointed later. Your worship furniture representative should be able to answer your questions regarding the technical information shown on the fabric card, and also the different cost options for the various fabrics.
  • Once you have selected fabric choices from the cards, you can then request memo samples. These larger samples will either confirm or eliminate some of your choices to help you narrow down your selection to a final choice.
  • If you have decided to use COM (Customer’s Own Material) or a non-standard fabric, make sure that your fabric is tested for use on your worship seating and that it can be supplied in a timely manner.
  • If your furniture committee does not have any interior design expertise, you may want to consider what assistance is available from your furniture supplier.

Your final fabric selection will have a huge impact in the overall appearance of your worship space. Making a wise selection will be well worth the time and effort it takes, ensuring you and your congregation will be happy with the choice now and in the future.

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