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Courtroom Upholstry ServicesSometimes the smartest and most practical way to give new life to tired, old pews is to simply have them reupholstered. Sauder's skilled craftsmen meet our standards of excellence in providing you with new foam and fabric while utilizing your other-wise functional pews.

Not only is upholstering your pews an economical choice, but with today's concerns about wasting resources such as wood it may also be a decision of stewardship for you. So collectively, we save two precious resources, money and the environment.

Whether you have a wood pew back or an upholstered pew back, another option for you to consider is our exclusive Definity seat cushions. Rather than add foam and fabric in the traditional way, you can add individual seat cushions that are made in our factory and delivered and installed by our own team. There are many advantages to this type of renewable seating. Contact your local sales representative to learn more about your many options.