How comfortable are your pews?

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Pews: We offer a variety of pew styles to meet the comfort and spirit of any worship space. From solid wood pews to fully upholstered, our pews feature contoured seats, ergonomically designed for maximum comfort. We also offer a wide variety of wood species and finish colors to meet your specific worship needs.

People Won’t Sit the Way You Think They Will: In the early planning stages of a new church or when replacing pews in an existing building, consider how many people you’ll want to seat. How much space will each person take?

Building Code Requirements: Building code is the standard that architects and builders are required to use to determine seating capacity. It says to allow 18 inches of seating per person. To put this into perspective, think about how much room you have in a coach seat on an airplane. Regulation seats actually give you 19 inches per person. That’s pretty close to the person next to you!

Seat Contour: At Sauder Worship Seating, every seat has a contour. This contour provides maximum seating comfort and strength over the life of the pew. In addition to the contoured seat, we offer a flat or contoured back. These pew options offer support and have an appealing appearance.

Pew Ends: A prominent visual piece for any church. With a selection of more than 100+ standard solid wood pew ends and the flexibility to produce custom requests, our team can assist in creating a worship environment that serves you.

Frontals: Our frontals have been designed in a variety of styles to complement your pews. Frontal ends are designed to match any pew end style, including custom designs.

Kneelers: The molded foam used in all Sauder Worship Seating kneelers is designed to provide long-lasting comfort and durability.

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